What is Ludo Game and Rules

Ludo is a famous game that is play on Ludo  board . ludo game can be played  by two, three or  four players .ludo game is also called “ chausar” in old times. Chausar game mentioned in mahabharat .The Ludo board is divided into four part, each part may be in different colours. In the Ludo game, each player has four tokens, and each player  try to reach finish point by thier token. This game is played by using a dice whih has 6 side, each side has number marked on it . this number is in the form of 1,2,3,4,5, or 6. The player that reach to finish point with their four token, win the game.

Playing Rules of Ludo :-

1. Each player start the game from their respective home zone.

2. Every player move their token according to number gets  by rolling the dice.

3. A number  of 6 or 1 is required to move  a token from the starting zone. Until the player gets their first 6 or 1, player won’t be able to release token from starting zone.

4.  If a token reach on square occupied by  opponent’s token then opponent’s token remove and backinto its home area. And player gets one more chance to rolling dice.

5.  A token situated on stop points then can not be removed by opponemt’s token.

 6. A token enters its respective finish point. consists of six squares, The objective is to get all four token to finish point.

How to download ludo game :-

You can play ludo game in offline or online both mode.   

To play in offline mode , you can purchase a ludo board from market Which is easily available in market .

If you want to play in online, then you can download ludo From play store by searching word “Ludo” .

Various type of Ludo game are available on play store. Anu one of them , you can download.

Types of Ludo game :-

  1. Ludo kIng
  2. Super Ludo
  3. Ludo talent
  4. Ludo all star
  5. Ludo Club-fan Dice Game
  6. Ludo Star 2019
  7. Ludo family board Game
  8. Ludo game- the Dice game
  9. Ludo game: Ludo 2019 Star Game

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