Month: March 2023

What are NFT Games

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) games are video games that incorporate blockchain technology to allow players to collect, trade, and own unique in-game items that are stored as NFTs on a blockchain. NFTs are digital tokens that represent a unique asset, such as artwork, music, or in-game items, and are stored on a decentralized blockchain network, making …

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The Metaverse: A Game Changer for the Gaming Industry

The concept of the metaverse ushers in a new chapter in the game world. We can say that players looking for the next level of gaming experience are currently enjoying the decentralized entertainment world. So, what exactly does it mean to go “next level”? The metaverse’s primary building blocks, the technologies, offer users the best …

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Blockchain games are games that are based on blockchain technologies. Over past few years, gaming industries are attracted by blockchain technologies. Non-fungible tokens are used in some element of game. A utility token are used by these games, act as game currency. These utility tokens are of two types. Fungible and non fungible. These games allow players to earn with playing.