Features of Carrom Board Game


Carrom Board Is a pleasuring and Interesting Game. Carrom is a game which is played on wooden board so this wooden board is known as Carrom board. Carrom board has four holes at four corners. Carrom can be played by minimum two or maximum 4 players. Carrom is an indoor game. And you can play this game everywhere because Carrom board is portable. Carrom board is an interesting game. Carrom game can be played with children, adult and family. As time has changed, the types and method of playing have also changed. Nowadays all the games have come online platform. You can play Carrom board game in offline and online mode. In offline mode, you required a physical Carrom board. In online mode, you can play Carrom in online with help of app and online platform.


We describe some app, which can be used to play Carrom board game, are listed below.

  • Carrom pool- Disc Game
  • Carrom king
  • Carrom Board pool Champion
  • Carom Board game-Carrom online Multiplayer
  • Carrom party
  • World of carom- 3D board game
  • Carrom Master

Several online platforms offer you to earn money by playing game like as HOWZAT, MPL, PLAYREAL, ADDA 52 etc.


Carrom board is easy to play. Carrom can be played by minimum two or maximum four players.  If two players participate to play Carrom then both players can be rivals for each other. And both players sit facing each other. If four players participate in this game then you can make team of two-two players or can be played individually.

Each player pushed the disks by striker to fall disks into hole of corner. Each player tries to get more disks because every disk has particular number.


1. Carrom Board: – Carrom board is rectangle wooden board in which four holes placed at corner of Board. And lines are printed on this board. Each player put striker on this printed lines to push striker.

2. Disks: – nine-nine black and red colored disks and one red colored disk are used in this game. This red colored disk is called as “Queen”.

3. Striker: – striker is a big disk which is used to push other colored disks.

4. Powder: – Carrom powder is used to make smooth surface of Carrom board. Disks are slip smoothly by using Carrom powder.

Conclusion: –   We describe about Carrom board game. This type of games is not risky because Carrom is an indoor game. If you are expert in playing Carrom then you can make your future by participating in district, national and international level Carrom games.

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