Top 10 Ludo Games best for Play

We all love to play games in free time. Outdoor sports turned into indoor sports due to technological advances and the use of Smartphone’s. Indoor games proved to be very helpful for entertainment during lockdown days, in which Ludo is becoming very popular. Ludo game can be played by 2, 3, or 4 players. The ludo board is divided into four parts; each part may be in different colors .in the ludo game, each player has four tokens, and each player try to reach finish point by their token. This game is played by using a dice which has 6 sides; each side has number marked on it. This number is in form of 1, 2, and 3,4,5,6. The player that reach to finish point with their four token, win the game.  Nowadays different type of ludo game are available that are more interesting and helpful to earn money.


  1. Ludo King
  2. Super Ludo
  3. Ludo game- Ludo 2019 Star game
  4. Ludo Club and fun dice game
  5. Yalla ludo- ludo and Domino
  6. Ludo star
  7. Ludo Bing
  8. Ludo warrior 3D
  9. Ludo Classis
  10. Ludo tallent
  1. Ludo king:-

Ludo game is best and popular in world of ludo game app. It can be used in android and ios. The game supports auto mode system to avoid cheating. 2 to 6 players can be played in ludo king. The ludo game provides facility to play in both mode online and offline mode.  If your friend is not available to play then you can also play with computer .

Features of Ludo King:-

  • You can chat with your opponents.
  • You can pause games anytime.
  • You can save your game and resume after some time.
  • You can earn daily rewards.

2. Super Ludo:-­

Ludo ludo is a legendary app and live app. This game built with lots of features. You can chat live with your competitors.  You can play on pc and take live challenge. You can invite your facebook friends to play online. it is easy to play. This game is superior in worlds of games.


This game can be played with your friends and family members. This game is free and available in both online and offline mode. This games app has 3D effects which makes it more interesting and surprised. you can chat live and send emojis with your friends while playing.


Ludo Club is renowned app which is easily available in play store. This app has some features which characterize here. This is a low data consumption app and runs smoothly. We can play this game in offline mode also. You can invite your FB and Watsup friends to play game.  This ludo game gives us better experiences.


Yalla ludo game is a wonderful game app which provides us better features. This game including two interesting features.

  1. Domino mode: – it means this app provide other game along with ludo game
  2. Voice chat: – You can connect with your competitors using voice options.

This game has four player modes in which classic, master, quick and magic are included. This ludo game app has voice chat option while gaming.


Ludo star is best ludo game app which has interesting features. This ludo game has three different types – classic, master and quick. This game has doubling rules. It means you cannot enter in home without killing 1 opponent. This game has 3D effects. You can chat and send emojis to your friends during gaming. You can invite your facebook friends to play game in online mode. In this game, you can make team with other player which makes it more interesting.


Ludo Bing is one of best ludo games. You can play this game with your friend and family. This game has extra feature of snake and leader game. Ludo game given to chance to play in two modes- classic and quick. User can chat while playing game. You can invite your facebook friend to play online.


Ludo warriors 3D game has changed history of ludo game’s world. This game has 3D effects and animations with effective sound. it feels like real life while playing this game. 3D effects of this game make it more interesting. This game has six different type of locations in which you can select anyone of them.


Ludo classic is a multiplayer game designed in classical form. you will surprise to know that Ludo classic game uses wooden board theme that makes it more attractive. This game gives you visual experience and apathetic feelings. You can play this game in android and ions mobile devices. This game support offline mode. You can connect your friends via Bluetooth. You can pause this game while playing and restart it from where you have left. Ludo classic have different type of board and you can change color of dice.

10. Ludo Tallent:-

Ludo game is given to a chance to play game in VIP online mode that makes it more interesting.  You can chat and send emojis to your friends while playing the game. This game can be played on Smartphone, pc and tablet. You can earn reward by completing weekly tasks. This game has IMO Accounts by using this, you can earn rich rewards.

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