Sports make a person physically and mentally strong.  There are many types of sports. Some of them are physical game and some are mental game. Just as physical sports make the body strong. Similarly mental sports make the mind strong. Nowadays indoor games are becoming popular which is beneficial for mental health. Sports are also helpful in building the personality of a person. Today sports are also being chosen as a career. In ancient times, a saying was very famous that ‘if you study and write, you will become a nawab, if you play and jump, you will be bad’. By doing a job you can earn only limited money, but through sports you can get respect, name, and good fortune. Today games are played at national and international level. With this you can get respect at the international leve. 

Some brain sharpening games are listed below.


1. SUDOKU:-           

You can play Sudoku game to exercise your brain. Sudoku is a crossword puzzle game in which numbers from 1 to 9 have to be filled. There are some rules to play it. No number should be duplicate in any row or Column. In this puzzle, some squares are filled and some are empty. This game has been appearing in the newspaper for many years. You can also play it online. Sudoku is a logical game. Sudoku is a Square puzzle made up of 9 rows and 9 columns.

2.  CHESS:-

Whenever there is a discussion about mentally challenging games, the name of chess comes first. Chess is a most popular strategic game. Chess is a board game which can be played by two players.  Chess is a strategic game.  Chess game helps us to sharp brain. It helps to improve decision making skill. There are two armies in the game of chess; each army has eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, a queen, two elephant and a king. You can choose one of two armies.


Rubik’s cube game consists of a cubical box in which each box can rotate in all three directions. This cube has six faces of different colors and each faces divided by 9 square of same color. You can also choose the challenge yourself to play it. For a example one surface must be of the same color. If you want to make it more difficult then you can increase task and choose more surface rather than one. Rubik’s cube game is a portable game. It can be played anywhere.


Scrabble is a word game which is played on 15 by 15 grid board. In this game two to four player can be participate. Each player score points by forming words from individual latter tiles. Player can be formed words up, down and diagonally. And those words should be in standard dictionary. The aim of this game is to score more points as possible against your opponents. Each latter tile holds its own Score which is indicated below the tile. Blank tiles have a score value of zero. The game consists of 100 letter tiles in which two tiles being blank.


Crossword puzzle game are famous word game which is played by millions of people each day. Crossword is word puzzle game which is played on rectangle grid of white and black shaded square. You must have seen this game in newspaper. the object of this game is to fill white block with words by solving clue. Some clue lead to fill word from left to right and some clue lead to fill word from top to bottom. Crossword game is helpful to increase vocabularies and to sharp brain. Crossword has long history, the first crossword appeared in new York on December   21st 1913. Today’s crossword game is available in different size, shape and challenge.


Games can be a good source of learning new skill and sharpening your brain. The above mentioned games will help you in this and keep you mentally fresh. Games remove mental stress and increase concentration power. Getting rid of stress also helps in getting rid of diseases.