Blockchain games are games that are based on blockchain technologies. Over past few years, gaming industries are attracted by blockchain technologies. Non-fungible tokens are used in some element of game. A utility token are used by these games, act as game currency. These utility tokens are of two types. Fungible and non fungible. These games allow players to earn with playing. Blockchain games are hot possibilities for players and developers. Players can be used these element to purchase, sell and business, in which game developer or publisher charge fee on each transaction as form of monetization.


NEFT: – They represent a virtual property that may be owned by players in game such as maps, armor or land. Blockchain allow the player to keep a secure record of ownership and to transfer assets out of game.

CRYPTOCURRENCIES:-  Crypto currencies like as tokens can be used to purchased game assets. This tokens based on Ethereum blockchain. This shopping enable gamer to buy things like coins and extra lives etc.

Here we talk some best blockchain games that are listed below:-


Alien worlds is a decentralized metaverse which is released in December 2020 by dacoco.  Alien world is NFTs metaverse where you can play with digital items (NFT) and you can stake many tokens for plans and vote in election. Alien worlds has rocketed up the Dapradar ranking charts with approximate 3.6 million players and over 700000 monthly active users.

In alien worlds, player find out the appeal of play to earn game that they build and control for themselves, while find out seven planets in the Metaverse.


 Axie infinity is oldest and most popular blockchain games which is released on 2018.the player who want to play this game buys NFT of player and with help of that player can buy different types of cute monsters and use them to fight, breed in this game. If any player of this game wins smooth love potion (SLP). He can exchange that SLP for money. We assume SLP as a reward.

This game is inspired by Pokémon series in which cute monsters are fight with each other. Axie infinity game is based on NFTs element. To play this game, you have made a team by purchasing NFTs.

Players can rapidly grow axie infinity ecosystem and earn token on this platform. Axie infinity have two types of metaverse tokens. One of two is axie infinity shards and rest is smooth love potion (SLP). Although, axie infinity shard is governance taken even then you can use it to earn rewards. You can earn SLP by participating in event. You can use SLP tokens to breed and fight cute monsters.


This is a blockchain card game where player can collect, sell and trade NFT Card using Binance smart networking. This is a most popular digital card game which is runs on hive blockchain. in this game, players collect their cards and make their deck and battle against opponents players. Each card has different NFT value. Player can be collect, sold and combine card. Objective of player is to card battling, collecting and trading. These cards are divided into four categories. Each has different level common, rare, epic and legendary. Every card has different state like as attack, speed, armor and health. Player can earn real money to play this game through tournament, ranked play and quests. Splinterlands is a similarly to classic card game like as Magic: the gathering, Hearthstone, Pokémon etc.


Farmer world is farming game which operates on NFTs platform. You can take suitable tools, avail various recourses, and buy land to build huge farm and enjoy farmer working of farmer world’s ecosystem. This game is development by G. jit Japan and designed on WAX (world wide asset exchange) public chain. Farmer’s world is one of most popular game in crypto and play to earn gaming world. It is a mining game which has three game token 1.Food 2 wood 3.Gold. Each token can be exchange. You can get three resources by using NFTs tool and buy NFT landplot to evolve food and NFT animal.

 5. BENJI BANANAS:-  Benji bananas is a blockchain mobile game that utilize Ethereum network where player control a monkey or benji ape through vine to collect bananas and other valuable element. Benji bananas game is development by animoka brands.