Axie infinity game is a virtual world which is based on blockchain system. This virtual world is filled with horrible, amazing and cute creatures called as AXIE. Axie infinity is a online game on which operations controlled by players and the player also partially owns it. Axie infinity is one of most popular metaverse projects where you can earn money by playing game. Axie infinity operate on play to earn movement system. Players have to make a payment to buy different types of cute monsters which is get in form of NFTs.

ORIGIN OF AXIE INFINITY GAME:- Axie infinity if NFTs based online video game which is developed by vietanamese studio sky movies and launched in 2018.axie infinity is a idle battle system game which is inspired by final fantasy tactics game or Pokémon game.


Player can purchase NFTs of axies and used them to battle, bred and collect to earn resources that can be traded as on open market place. Axie infinity operate a digital or virtual currency which can say also a cryptocurrency.

 Player can earn SLPs (Smooth love potions) which is used to breed new axies. Aim of axie infinity is to familir capabilities of blockchain technologies and creates a future where pay and work become one.

Object of player is to battle, breed, collect and build zone for their axies. Axie infinity is based on ethereum blockchain .it is an ERC-20 token.

Creatures of this game can take many form such as animals, living being, birds, plants etc. these are more than 500 different type body part available. Each is connected in four pairs.

  1. General
  2. Rare
  3. Ultra Rare
  4. Legendary

What is NFT Marketplace:-

 NFT Marketplace is a market for NFT or non fungible tokens which is unique and cannot be replaced by any other item. NFTs are similar to crypto currencies. These digital assets can represent unique thing, artifacts such as trading card and other item with unique features. These tokens are stored in blockchain network for authentication and verification.


If you want to trade in axie infinity then you have to buy axie token which is also available on many exchanges. Such as

  • Wazirx
  • Coin switch kuber
  • Zebpay
  • Binance

 First of all you register on exchange to buy axie token. After then enter mobile number and Email –id which is verified by OTP(one time password).after then deposit funds in wallet of exchange. And choose axie infinity from the list of crypto currencies offered by exchange.

CONCLUSION:- Here we described about axie infinity game and how to use it, how to trade on axie infinity. This game provides a platform to play and earn money. it increase decision making skill and problem solving capabilities.

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