Apex Legends

Portable: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and XBOX
Online Players: 50 Million players online in one month
Launched Year: 2019

First-person shooter battle royale game Apex Legends is available for free on the Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment platforms. For Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, as well as subsequently for Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms, it was released in February 2019.

History Of Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment, a company established in 2010 by former Infinity Ward workers who worked on the Call of Duty series, created Apex Legends. Titanfall and Titanfall 2, two of the studio’s earlier games, got positive reviews for their cutting-edge movement and gameplay features.

A small crew at Respawn started working on Apex Legends in 2016 while they experimented with various game ideas. The group concentrated on building a battle royale game featuring distinctive characters, known as “legends,” who had individual skills and backstories. Up until its unexpected announcement and release on February 4, 2019, the game remained a secret.

Almost 2.5 million players logged in within the first day of Apex Legends’ debut, and the game attracted 50 million players globally in its first month. The game’s refined gameplay mechanics, compelling characters, and original take on the battle royale genre—which includes elements like a ping system for communication and respawn beacons to revive fallen teammates—all contributed to its appeal. With the addition of additional legends, weaponry, and maps along with events and partnerships with other brands like Titanfall and ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series), the game’s official esports league, Apex Legends has continued to gain popularity since its release.

Technologies used in Apex Legends

Source engine:

The Source engine, which also powers games like Half-Life and Team Fortress 2, forms the foundation for Apex Legends.

Havok physics engine:

The physics of the game’s characters and items are simulated by the Havok physics engine.

Nvidia PhysX:

For realistic effects including particle effects, fluid simulations, and destructible environments, Apex Legends employs Nvidia PhysX.

Amazon Web Services (AWS):

AWS servers, which offer dependable and scalable infrastructure for the game’s multiplayer experience, are used to host Apex Legends.

Easy-Anti-Cheat (EAC):

EAC is anti-cheat software that aids in keeping Apex Legends free from hacking and cheating.


Scale form is used for the game’s user interface and menu systems.

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite is used for creating and editing the game’s graphics, audio, and video content.

Apex Legends live player count

Apex Legends Profit Statistics

The only thing we can be confident of is that Apex has made billions of dollars in profits over the duration of its existence. The last time EA stated how much money the game had made overall was in May 2022, when the publisher said it had earned more over $2 billion. Since that the news was made almost a year ago, there is a good probability that the game will surpass the $3 billion milestone in 2023.

Nevertheless, given that many video game studios and esports organisations have undergone a slight economic slowdown, it can be a little challenging to gauge exactly how well Apex has performed over the course of the past year. After Apex Legends Mobile reportedly made roughly $40 million in revenue in 2022, EA closed the quality assurance department dedicated to Apex and fired all of its contract employees there.

On the other hand, Apex is currently experiencing one of its busiest seasons ever in terms of player count, breaking its concurrent player record on Steam multiple times. Respawn even just recently opened a brand-new studio specifically for Apex, increasing the number of developers working on the game.

Reasons Why Apex Legends is So Popular.

The excellent press that Apex Legends has been receiving is well-deserved. There is no mystery as to why the game continues to draw new players. It’s not unexpected nor abrupt that Apex Legends is succeeding. When it was first released in 2019, the game’s popularity hasn’t wavered, largely as a result of how enjoyable it is.

Frictionless Gameplay

The delicate balance between movement and friction has been one of the key aspects of game design that Apex Legends has studied to perfection. Most of the time, the game feels frictionless due to the fluid dashes and jumps. Your slide mechanics let you to slide through the slopes without feeling out of place, and traversing the landscape feels liberating.

Environment Balance

During a consistent portion of the game, Battle Royales can feel boring. You get to experience brief periods in PUBG where there is nothing to do but wait. There isn’t much else you can try besides going out and trying to find adversaries with your Kar98k or more stuff.

But, Apex Legends does not provide you that leisure. You are expected to roam around a lot while playing the game. There is practically a convenient grab point every time you get close to a tall object. You climb a little up and add some extra weight to steer yourself to that point when you jump at a vertical surface.

Three Person Squads

Another feature that sets Apex Legends apart from other Battle Royale games is their choice to use three-man squads rather than four-man teams. This forces each participant to rely on oneself and provides an opportunity for teamwork. You cannot be a team’s weakest member and expect to be supported. The participants receive what they deserve; there is very little to no luck involved with Apex.

Well-Crafted Map Topography

Every every map in Apex Legends is expertly designed to provide players with terrain advantages. No matter if you are playing King’s Canyon or World’s Edge, you will undoubtedly notice the useful terrain and architecture of these maps. In Apex Legends, the map components combine to create small playgrounds, choke places, and dangerous hubs.

Tremendously Detailed for a Free For All Title

Everything that occurs in Apex Legends has a purpose. Despite having numerous characters, each with a distinct set of skills, it has remained incredibly simple. Even though the game is entirely free to play, the versatility it provides is truly astounding. Because of the attention to detail and care taken by the Respawn creating team, the terrains and maps feel authentic.


In conclusion, Apex Legends is an extremely entertaining and compelling game that gives a distinctive and novel perspective on the battle royale genre. It is a must-play for lovers of the genre because of its focus on collaboration, broad cast of characters, and compelling plot.

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